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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Have you thought about your life as a JIGSAW PUZZLE?

Each part of your life is 1 puzzle piece. By putting each part together you create your own puzzle in which you live your life. Let me explain about myself and how I create my JIGSAW PUZZLE: 1 piece would be for being a woven designer ( designing and weaving one of a kind statement purses, necklaces and wall hangings); another is I love listening to classical music-another puzzle piece; I love nature-another puzzle piece; I love to travel and see new places in the world-another puzzle piece; I have female friends, and I socialize with them-another puzzle piece; I am a certified professional coach-another puzzle piece; I am highly sensitive-another puzzle piece. What I am getting at here is everyone creates their own JIGSAW PUZZLE about their life.

You have created your JIGSAW PUZZLE for your life. You are unique. You can take out certain PUZZLE pieces and exchange them for new parts of you. This is revamping your life to create a life more to what you feel more energetic and excited about in your life. Every part of your life can be changed! You are the master in your life! So if one piece of your JIGSAW PUZZLE becomes old or boring, change that piece of your JIGSAW PUZZLE to suit you, so you feel energized and happy!

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