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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The Sunflower is a extraordinary flower. It is a huge BLOOM with a SKINNY stem and stands TALL. I equate a Sunflower as being a highly sensitive woman. Fifteen to twenty percent of the population are highly sensitive. This makes a highly sensitive woman as unique as a SUNFLOWER too. Each woman has their own traits and stands tall as a SUNFLOWER.

Learning to cope in our world will help you feel comfortable as an HSP. Everyone is different and has different traits so we have to figure out what HSP traits we have and create ways to handle how we are to feel complete and whole to handle the world we live in. We must learn to cope in our own world to make our world unique for us.

To give you an idea I do Transcendental Meditation every day; I often listen to classical music during the day to feel centered; during the day I break down what I need to do into small manageable chunks. I know me, I know now how to handle my life so I can cope. Everyone is different. I know I am unique like all the other highly sensitive women. Learning how to cope in your world is vital!! You are on your way to a more enjoyable world unique for you!!

Each woman is an individual and therefore has different traits. Accept yourself as being special! Not every woman is highly sensitive. Accentuate your traits! As an example such traits as - being intuitive, detailed oriented, and being an Empath. These aren’t negative traits, but positive traits. You can learn how to use your traits to full advantage.

You might become frazzled when doing research, because of all the information. All you have to do is break down what you are researching in smaller categories, I know because that is what I do, before I figured this out I would become frazzled and feel overwhelmed, but not anymore. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or out of place. Just break it down into smaller segments, take breaks and look at the sky, or listen to soothing calming music. You can overcome anything if you just listen to your heart and your mind. Being a highly sensitive woman is extraordinary. Stand Tall as a Sunflower!

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Strong TALL Sunflower

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