• Ellen Goldfarb

Change Your Thoughts-HSP SUPERPOWER

Since 2012 when I found out I was a highly sensitive person, I was initially happy, because I had thought I was going crazy. I am detailed oriented, I cry easily, loud noises bother me, I am highly sensitive, I am highly intuitive and the list goes on and on. I got to the point recently where I just wanted to be like most people, normal, not an hsp. I have been reading how being an HSP can be a superpower. Don’t think of yourself as being different, strange, odd, but as having superpowers. How does this make you feel now? It shifts your mind set in thinking a different way about yourself, which is wonderful. I am highly intuitive, how many people you come in contact with everyday can say that, or even know what it means to be highly sensitive? Look at yourself and acknowledge being highly sensitive. What are your traits in being an hsp? Think of yourself as an HSP Superpower Woman! WOW! I bet the feelings about yourself change. Not everyone can be an HSP Superpower Woman. If you are unsure whether you are a highly sensitive woman there is a way to find out, there is a short test you can take and it will tell you if you are a highly sensitive. Perhaps this will calm you down knowing you are an HSP Superpower Woman, it certainly did me! Copyright © 2019

Please let me know if this idea of being an HSP Superpower has helped you deal better with being a highly sensitive woman.

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