“Ellen is a great coach.  Every time I have a session with her I feel better at the end than at the beginning.  She often asks questions that I had not considered in order to present a new perspective on things that I would not have thought of.  She has suggested meditation which has made such a positive impact in my moods.  I definitely would recommend Ellen to support you in working out situations in your life.”



"Deciding to utilize Ellen's skills as a coach has been a great decision. Her coaching skills helped me to get through a difficult time of change with grace and ease.


She is such a joy to work with.  I always look forward to her coaching sessions, even when we are addressing hard stuff! 


She has a way of approaching any situation gently and with non-judgment. Our sessions have led me to make discoveries about myself that reframe the way I approach situations.  If you want to overcome limitations and take charge of your life, Ellen will certainly help you along that path!"





"Ellen Goldfarb is an expert in coaching highly sensitive people. Her intuitive and empathetic style of coaching, is able to effectively and compassionately help people deal with their deepest life challenges, in a way and at a pace that brings about inner healing, that restores hope, and that inspires new enthusiasm for the future.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Ellen Goldfarb as a professional coach."



South Africa