Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the life coaching process?


Become an Empowered Highly Sensitive Person Today, request your 'Clarity' Session.  It's a friendly discussion. First we get to know each other. Then we look at the challenges and issues that are concerning you. I'll explain how my style of coaching may help you achieve the changes you desire. This will help you decide whether coaching is right for you. 

Finally I'll ask very simply if you would like to do more work with me.   Click here to arrange your “Clarity” session.

How long does personal life coaching take?

I recommend clients start with twelve 1 - hour coaching sessions, a commitment to themselves to give their coaching sessions a full chance to demonstrate its effectiveness.  You, not I, will know when it is time to end.

How frequent are the sessions?

Twice a month, 1-hour coaching sessions for 6 months.  You can always contact me between sessions via email.

What makes personal life coaching so convenient? 

All our sessions will be conducted on Skype or Zoom.  Location is truly no obstacle, and has no geographic boundaries. 

How can coaching help me?

Safe Haven Coaching provide a safe and confidential environment to help you explore options and opportunities, practice new skills, and prioritize completing commitments.  I act as a sounding board to support new thinking and thoughtful decision-making in support of your goals.  I will ask a lot of powerful questions and encourage introspection to help you engage your own resourcefulness.  I will partner with you to create goals and explore what-if scenarios.  I will brainstorm ideas, offer feedback, and identify and challenge blind spots to reveal new perspectives about old problems.  I will provide structure and accountability to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. 

What outcomes can I expect from my coaching experience?

•    Increased clarity and fresh perspectives on both challenges and opportunities
•    Better thinking and decision-making skills
•    Improved interpersonal effectiveness
•    Greater confidence in following through on decisions
•    Your comfort zone will expand 

Is personal life coaching just about action and doing?

No, not at all. Life coaching is about growing and learning, too. It's about evolving and becoming … and enjoying the process. That being said, it certainly involves planning, action and accountability (reporting back to me via email or in our next session). Sometimes negatives get in the way of action and we will work on helping you move forward. When I coach, I really do get people "unstuck" and direct them where they want to go based on their own agenda and what is important to them.

Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

My role is to help you set meaningful goals, make regular progress, and achieve these goals, while holding you accountable for those goals and making sure you live up to your potential. Since Life Coaching is future oriented, working with me keeps you moving forward. Through coaching you will recognize what barriers stand between you and what you want for your life. Working with me requires effort on your part to make small changes that create big results.

Together we will “peel back the layers” and find out who you really are and what you really want for your life. Life coaching, at its core, is about helping people to find more balance and fulfillment in their lives, and allowing them to get more of what they want, and less of what they don’t.

Coaching is also motivational. I will offer you support, structure, and honest feedback. A Life Coach is your personal cheerleader, your confidant, your advisor, or your personal sounding board. A Life Coach helps you explore new options, seek new resources, and understand that you have choices.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

You can benefit from a coach, if:


  • You have the desire to do more and be more

  • You want to live life with less stress as a highly sensitive person

  • You know what you want but need help getting there

  • You are looking for effective ways to make your dreams reality

  • You lack the confidence that you know you want to have and benefit from

  • You need motivation and accountability to truly accomplish your goals


How is Life Coaching Different from Therapy? 

Life Coaches aim to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients. Many Life Coaches focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals.

A Therapist sometimes looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward.

How much is my investment?

Become an Empowered Highly Sensitive Person Today, request your 'Clarity' Session


Payment Package: Payment for 6 months is $6,000,  2 - 60 minute coaching sessions per month. Arrangement can be made to pay 2 payments  @ $3,200 each payment.   



What does it feel like to be coached?

Exciting, intense and powerful - yet safe, confidential and supportive.  It can feel strange at first to have the focus of a conversation on yourself and your life situations. As you commit to new actions and set yourself new compelling goals you will feel determined and purposeful. Confidence and self-belief benefit from your new achievements.

Is your coaching service confidential?

Yes, completely, providing we are not discussing current criminal offenses!  All files, and personal details are kept securely and no information is disclosed to anyone in any form

How do I know that coaching is right for me?

If you feel ready to make beneficial changes in your life, then coaching can help you make those changes. Coaching is not a therapy; it's a way of helping ordinary people do things differently, better and more effectively. It can help you deal with difficult situations and think more positively about yourself and your abilities.

Some people do have negative attitudes about themselves that go deeper than most, or have unresolved events from their past. These may require a more therapeutic intervention. Similarly, people who are clinically depressed may not be in the right place to be coached. If you aren't sure then discussing it in the complimentary “Clarity” session can help.

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