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Thank you for visiting my website.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, I graduated from the Academy of Coaching Cognition.  

Being coached by an HSP who is highly intuitive can be a great benefit to you, more so than working with the typical Life Coach.


As a professional life coach trained in the co-active model, I view each and every client as creative, resourceful and whole. What this means is you are capable of setting and reaching goals and finding your own answers. Count on me to ask powerful questions!  Your dreams comprise the big agenda and you set the agenda for each coaching call. As your coach, I will always see and point out your greatness and potential, even when you lose sight of it.


I was thinking that perhaps writing about my experience might help you realize you might be Highly Sensitive too.


There are many different traits in being highly sensitive and it doesn't mean everyone has the same traits.

I will give you an example. When I do research on the computer and gather a lot of information of what I am researching, all of a sudden I begin to feel overwhelmed and frazzled. Yet when I am coaching a client, being highly intuitive, I am calm and don't feel overwhelmed or frazzled. In the past I was extremely creative with designing woven fabrics and never felt frazzled or overwhelmed.  Now if I have a lot on my plate I  make a list and conquer one item at a time, my body feels calmer and I can accomplish what I have to do.


So I ask you, do you know if you are highly sensitive? If you don't know if you are a highly sensitive person, wouldn't you want to find out?


Maybe this would help you decide if you are a highly sensitive person:  

Are you detailed oriented? Are you intuitive? Are you highly sensitive to noise or violence? Do you cry easily? Are you extremely creative? Being in a room with a lot of people who are talking at the same time makes you feel frazzled? Do you have problems studying in school (information overload)? 

On the first page  you can take  a test to see if you are a Highly Sensitive person: