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Safe Haven Coaching Practice

specializes in coaching the

Highly Sensitive Person,

 cope in their environment.

Explore - Emerge - Empower

“The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more you will share yourself with the world."
by Ellen Goldfarb

 A Little About Ellen 

Ellen is a  woven fabric designer who became very interested in being a professional coach. This is her story: 
Ellen enrolled in a marketing course to learn how to market her wovens.  There was a prerequiste in the marketing course, she had to take a Basic Coaching class.   After completing the Basic Coaching Class she was hooked!  She completed the Coaching Course and became a Certified Professional Coach.


Ellen attended a Mastermind Group to learn how to sell her wovens.  During the Mastermind Group she met a woman who talked about being highly sensitive, she explained what it was to be highly sensitive.  Ellen said to herself, “This is me, she is talking about me.  I am a highly sensitive person.  I am not crazy after all.”  Ellen was so happy to find out she was not crazy!  She took the HSP Test Dr Elaine Aron, PhD created so she could see if she was truly highly sensitive. The test showed Ellen  is definitely a Highly Sensitive Person.

Ellen started reading books about what it meant to be Highly Sensitive.  She  learned how to manage various hsp traits she had.


 This led Ellen to coach the highly sensitive person, both men and women.  Ellen has worked with coaches that are both hsp and and those that weren't.  There is definitely a benefit working with a coach who is highly sensitive, they better understand you, the highly sensitive person.

Ellen is both a Certified Professional Coach,  and a Woven Designer.  In her Safe Haven Coaching Practice she coaches the sensitive person, explore, emerge, and become empowered in their world. 

Ellen also designs custom made wall hangings, necklaces, and Unique Statement handbags. 

Ellen definitely has the best of both worlds.





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